Land Planning in Columbus, GA

Residential-Grey-rock-estates-300x200The team of professional engineers and surveyors at Moon Meeks and Associates, Inc. are ready to assist you with land planning in any capacity. We employ registered land surveyors, civil engineers, field crews, technicians and administrative staff, giving us a full gamut of understanding when it comes to addressing the needs of your project. Our mission is to assist you in developing your land to its highest potential.

Our mission is to assist you in developing your land to its highest potential.

Our Capabilities

Land planning in Columbus, GA takes on many forms and responsibilities. Our firm is determined to meet the demands of your project in its entirety, to ensure it can progress with fluidity and efficiency. We work quickly and with precision, to move your project into the construction phase.

Our abilities are completely overarching, from designing residential subdivisions to construction plan development in Columbus, GA. Some of our focuses include:

  • Conceptual layouts
  • Zoning and municipal codes
  • Rezoning
  • Replats
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Master plans
  • Street patterns
  • Engineering cost estimates


Our Experience

Throughout our many decades of experience, our firm has provided land planning to a variety of projects. From residential developments, to business parks, to commercial developments and beyond, we are available to work in any capacity, on tracts of land designated for any type of development. We bring the experience and foresight you need to the project, to ensure all pre-development planning is of the highest caliber.

Our chief goal is to ensure your development progresses soundly and without setbacks thanks to all-encompassing preparedness. When the time comes to break ground, you will have full confidence in the plans and estimates prepared by our team.

For more information about our land planning capabilities or to inquire about how we can assist you in planning for the nuances of your specific development, please contact us today by calling 706-327-8306.

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