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Reasons Every Homeowner Should Have an Elevation Certificate

February 15, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

So, you’ve just bought your first home—congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling. And now, after the barrage of paperwork, it’s time to think about protecting your home. Proper protection begins with education. As you’re wrapping up the paperwork on your new home, make sure to locate your elevation certificate among the files. An elevation certificate is an often-overlooked piece of paperwork that serves a crucial function. If you don’t have one, you probably need one. Here are just a handful of the elevation certificate benefits in Columbus, GA. What is an elevation certificate? One of the most amazing things about the... View Article

Does an Elevation Certificate Expire?

May 30, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you live in a flood-prone area, you’re likely familiar with the concept of the elevation certificate. An elevation certificate documents your building’s elevation, and is used for insurance purposes. Different insurance companies have different requirements surrounding elevation certificates, but if you live in a low-lying or coastal area, you’re likely in need of a valid elevation certificate to maintain your home’s insurance policy. Elevation certificates are issued by qualified civil engineering firms. The results and veracity of your elevation certificate could dramatically affect your insurance rates or determine whether or not an insurance company pays out your claim, so... View Article

Elevation Certificate FAQs

April 29, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

A flood elevation certificate is a way to determine a property’s elevation. This is essential if you live in any kind of high-risk flood zone in order to obtain a flood insurance policy. That’s because the insurance agent will need this info so they can verify the base flood elevation, which is a determination of where the water will rise to during a base-level flood. If you’re looking for elevation certificates in Muscogee County, GA, you probably have several questions about the process. Read on to find out how to get this crucial certificate in the best way possible. How... View Article

How to Obtain Elevation Certificates in Columbus, GA

January 30, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

With all of the advances that have been made in construction and development over the last century, it can seem as though some structures completely defy the constraints of the environment. Nevertheless, builders still have to contend with natural factors when they build. Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions can strike at any time, and builders have to ensure that their structures are resilient enough to withstand the damage and that they are safeguarded against significant loss. In order to insure yourself against flooding, you must obtain an elevation certificate that provides your insurer with the information they need to... View Article