The Importance of Erosion Control in Georgia

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Are you familiar with the role of erosion control planners in Columbus, GA? If you haven’t been involved in a land project, you might not realize the important role these professionals play in protecting the environment around you. The fact is, erosion control planners in Columbus, GA are crucial to the health and welfare of the land, wildlife and people of Georgia. Consider the following as you weigh the importance of erosion control and the professionals who take on this task. What is erosion? To fully understand the importance of erosion control planners in Columbus, GA, you must first understand... View Article

Important Reasons Why Land Must Be Surveyed When Being Transferred

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When most people think of land surveyors, they often imagine a lone person standing on a hill looking out over a vast expanse, with a pad in one hand and surveying equipment in the other. The modern land surveying operation, however, is typically a team of people with high-tech gear and a wide variety of responsibilities. As land surveyors in Columbus, GA, we find that people are often surprised to learn the important role a land surveyor plays in a variety of tasks, projects and even legal proceedings and business deals. One such example is the transfer of land. Land... View Article

Why Is Construction Site Staking So Important?

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is a good saying to keep in mind when beginning any task. However, it is perhaps unique important when initiating a construction project. Cutting corners or taking a minor misstep in the planning stage can have detrimental effects on the final outcome. When most people think of the planning stage of any construction project, they typically think of drafting a blueprint. While this step is certainly important, it’s only the beginning of laying out a plan. Construction staking is the step that transforms a blueprint into an actual guide that construction... View Article

Three Important Things to Look for in a Quality Land Surveyor

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When people think of land surveyors in Muscogee County, GA, they likely just imagine someone surveying a lot and putting a few stakes in the ground. But surveyors provide a lot of other services too, such as right-of-way surveys, helping with legal descriptions and even putting together elevation certificates. In fact, if you own property, chances are you have already worked with a surveyor on some project or another. A surveyor’s report can have a critical impact on several aspects of property ownership, from determining rights of way to affecting your home, so it’s important that you have a relationship... View Article

What Is a Grading Plan, and Why Is It Requested in Georgia?

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Did you know you need a development permit for just about any construction-related, land-disturbing project? When most people start planning a project, they typically think about design, cost and even materials before they consider a permit, and when they do get around to the permit, they see it as a hindrance. After all, it’s your land, and having to get someone else’s permission to do something on your own property may seem like a burden. However, we all know that rules are generally there for a reason. And as annoying as obtaining a permit may be, it’s important for your... View Article