Six Signs of a Good Local Land Surveyor

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It is difficult to choose among the best land surveyors in Columbus, GA if you do not know how to evaluate them. Most of our clients lack expertise in this field, and they are relying heavily upon our professionals. If you need a land surveyor, here are six signs that you’ve likely found a good one to hire for your project:

  • Qualifications: It’s a good idea to start with a civil engineering firm, because their land surveyors often have skills and qualifications specific to your project. There are several types of land surveys, including property boundary, right-of-way, easement and floodplain surveys. All come with their particular qualifications, and many surveyors specialize in several areas. So, when you choose one for your project, make sure they are certified for the purpose you require.
  • Communication: While a soft skill in this profession, communication is a necessary one. You will feel more confident in a surveyor who is clear and accurate. They should explain any finding clearly and help you understand any nuances or challenges related to your project. If you require a land survey for a boundary dispute, it is vital to hire someone who can effectively testify in court, if needed. Never underestimate the power of communication skills—they can make a big difference in the outcome of your project.
  • Equipment: Every profession requires the right tools for the job, and that is true with land surveyors as well. In fact, it is imperative. A good land surveyor maintains equipment and uses the latest in land survey technology. Equipment should be independently calibrated. Ask for certification from the calibrator or the manufacturer to double-check, especially if you are facing a legal challenge like a boundary or easement dispute. This could make the difference later in settlement or litigation. For larger projects, this can prevent compliance issues.
  • Quality control: All good land surveyors have a quality control process in place. It can be difficult to see whether a civil engineering firm follows the highest standards, but there are some clues you can watch for. Land surveyors should approach work methodically. They should finish on time and present results with supporting documentation.
  • Brand presence: Besides the quality of work, they should also look to present their brand in the best light. A website with accessible contact information and a project portfolio is a good sign. It shows they are not afraid of receiving inquiries or of people evaluating their past work. Look for client testimonials and other feedback too. While there will always be that one client who is never happy with anything, the land surveyor should present with mostly positive reviews.
  • Comfort level: Assess your gut feeling after meeting with a land surveyor. Did you feel comfortable with their communication style and knowledge? If so, you likely found the right one. Anyone who fails to generate confidence should not be considered. You’re relying heavily on this professional, and you should not settle for someone unless you’re comfortable with them.

If you seek the best land surveyors in Columbus, GA, Moon Meeks and Associates, Inc. is here for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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  • Thanks for the tip that looking at the equipment of a land surveying service would help in gauging if one should hire them. My uncle is planning to buy an undeveloped rural land where he plans to build his own ranch. Perhaps a good land survey would help him determine how much earthmoving would be needed in order to have a proper construction site in the area.

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