How Can I Tell if I’m Getting a Fair Estimate for My Survey?

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As the owner of a property, there are plenty of reasons to get a comprehensive land survey done. Maybe you want to add a structure. Maybe you want a clearer idea of your boundaries. Maybe you just want to know what kind of flora and fauna call your property home. Whatever the reason you decide to enlist local land surveyors in Columbus, GA, you certainly want to make sure you’re getting the most value for your dollar. Here’s how to do it.

About $500

When you’re looking at the national average for land surveying, the most common price tag home and property owners see is about $500. Of course, that number will fluctuate depending on various factors.

More often than not, local land surveyors in Columbus, GA charge on a sliding scale. That means that the more land you have, the less they’ll charge. For example, if you’re having a single acre surveyed, the price tag will likely fall between $400 and $700. The more acres you own, however, the more you can expect that price to drop. For example, if you’re having 200 acres or more surveyed, the average cost per acre drops to about $50 per acre.

Walking the land

There are more costs that go into surveying your land beyond its sheer size. If your property is flat and mostly clear of trees, then you can expect a more reasonable price. The more varied your terrain, the bigger the changes in altitude and the larger the variety of plants and animals, the more you can expect your survey prices to rise accordingly.

What’s your purpose?

Depending on the specific purpose you have in mind, the cost of your survey can vary greatly. A comprehensive land survey should cost about $500, give or take. However, if you just want the borders located, you could pay as little as $100 depending on the size of your property. A topographic survey, on the other hand, will run you a little bit more than the standard and could cost as much as $1,200 to complete the job.

Skip the uncertainty

When you’re looking for highly skilled local land surveyors in Columbus, GA that won’t charge an arm and a leg, come to Moon, Meeks and Associates, Inc. Since we opened our doors all the way back in 1946, we have offered the area’s most comprehensive civil engineering and land surveying services to our valued clients throughout the greater Columbus area. We do it all—construction staking, civil engineering, topographic surveys, boundary disputes, elevation certificates, erosion control and so much more.

Over the last half century, we have developed an extensive knowledge of the local area that we put to use for each and every one of our clients. We’re happy to combine that incredible expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to continuing education. When you need your next project done correctly, come to Moon, Meeks and Associates, Inc., where your satisfaction is our top priority. Visit us online or give us a call today.

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