Common Land Surveying FAQs

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At some point or another, every property owner will run across a reason to get a land survey. Of course, unless you’re familiar with civil engineering or the ins and outs of land surveying, you might not know a whole lot about the specifics. For those curious people, here are some of the most common land surveying FAQs in Columbus, GA.

When do I need a survey?

Far and away, the most common question on the lips of potential customers is when to enlist the help of a local land surveyor:

  • When you construct any sort of new structure on your land, whether it’s a new building or a new fence.
  • When you buy or sell a home or property.
  • When a last will and testament divides a piece of property.
  • When boundary disputes arise.

If you want to know pretty much anything about your property, a land survey is usually an excellent way to fill you in.

What does a surveyor need?

Another common land surveying FAQ in Columbus, GA concerns the type of paperwork or documentation you will need to complete the survey:

  • The intent of the survey. Do you need an elevation certificate? Is it a topographic survey?
  • The deed to your property or other proof of ownership.
  • History of ownership of the property.
  • Any and all information you can provide about disputes over your property.

You should also feel free to confirm with your land surveyor any paperwork they will need when they arrive on your property.

How much will a land survey cost?

A lot goes into deciding the final price tag for a land survey. While the average land survey tends to run homeowners about $500, various factors can add to or subtract from that total:

  • The total acreage of your property.
  • The changes in elevation.
  • The ease with which your surveyor can walk the land.
  • The number of improvements on the property.

Before you enlist the help of a land surveyor, be sure to get an accurate idea of their costs.

What do I get after the survey?

Once a professional has taken the time to do a thorough survey of your property, they will provide you with a map of your property that details, in simple English, the functions they have performed.

In the event that you had a land surveyor designate your boundaries, their map should be filed with your local county records office, as well.

Get a comprehensive land survey

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