What Exactly Does “Design-Build” Mean?

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When it comes to expanding or maintaining infrastructure, there are two primary means used to complete the project. The first is design-bid-build. In this scenario, one party designs a building like a school or an office. Once the plans are complete, a variety of entities bid on the opportunity to build the plans. Once a contractor is selected, the project is completed. The second option is design-build. In a design-build scenario, the entire project is completed by a single firm—one firm crafts your plans and then completes the build, without a bidding process in between.

Throughout its history, the design-build process has proven enormously popular for a variety of compelling reasons. If you haven’t considered a design-build project delivery system in Columbus, GA, then it’s time to give it another look.

Save money

In a design-bid-build scenario, you have to pay for the time and expertise of your team of civil engineers. Then you have to seek out and employ an entirely separate contractor to complete the build. What’s more, those teams have to expend resources to get and keep your business. This takes time, paperwork and resources on both parts.

The design-build process eliminates most of the middle steps. That allows your design-build firm to work more efficiently, and saves you a lot of money as well as time.

Get quicker results

The efficiency of the design-build process often translates to faster production time, as well. Because you get to skip the steps of seeking out and confirming a bid to build your project, your design team can shift directly into construction as soon as you approve the plans. Skipping that one step can ultimately save weeks or even months on your project’s completion time.

Reduce your effort and risk

Regardless of how important your next infrastructure project may be, the odds are good that it’s just one aspect of your business. Overseeing the process of designing and building a new stadium or municipal project may not even be one of your primary responsibilities. That’s when the design-build project delivery system in Columbus, GA can work wonders.

With one contract, the design-build system allows you to transfer the burden of responsibility to one entity that can cover the process from start to finish. You’re not abdicating responsibility—you are putting it in the hands of one company that will assume the risk for you.

Civil engineering at its best

If you’d like to know more about the design-build project delivery system in Columbus, GA, call on Moon, Meeks, and Associates, Inc. Since we opened our doors in 1946, we have offered the area’s most comprehensive list of civil engineering and land surveying services.

In addition to our premier design-build services, we offer sediment and erosion control plans, land planning, staking services, topographic surveys and more. For over 50 years, customers have come to rely on Moon, Meeks, and Associates, Inc. for top-quality service at a price that is more than fair. We’re ready to help you. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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