What Does a Property Surveyor Actually Do?

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You’ve probably seen property surveyors out in the field on occasion while driving, or even just while out on a walk through your neighborhood. Usually you’ll see them at a future construction site in an orange vest, and they may have a tripod or other types of instruments and tools with them.

What do property surveyors do, exactly, and when is it important for you to retain their services? Here’s a quick overview of professional land surveying in Columbus, GA and what it means for your project.

All about property surveyors

Property surveyors are professionals who identify the boundaries of a piece of land based on precise measurements they take at the site. They then take this information to prepare maps, plots and detailed reports that will be used for legal documents like deeds, or to establish boundaries and plans for construction projects. Expect property surveyors to determine the exact location of buildings, roads or any other features that can be helpful in determining changes to the property line.

Surveyors will also be able to provide information about restrictions on what can be built on a piece of property, where any new structures on the property can technically be placed, the kinds of depths that will need to be used for a foundation on that piece of property and how large the structures on that property can be.

Surveyors might be employed by private companies and engineering firms, but they may also work for government entities like cities, counties or states. Regardless of who they work for, though, the duties of their job are essentially the same.

Who needs to get a property survey?

If you’re planning on building any type of new structure on your property, it’s probably a good idea for you to get a land survey done so you know exactly where the boundaries of your property lie and whether or not there will be any restrictions on how you can use your property. There are some properties that will have rights of way for you to consider, which allow adjacent property owners are able to use a piece of your land to get to their homes through a road or driveway. There are also easements to consider, which protect the rights of utility or other service companies’ rights to access your property to make the proper repairs.

These issues will be represented on your property survey, which makes it easier for your construction team to modify the plans in place and move the structure so it will abide by the requirements for your particular piece of property and avoid infringements on adjacent property owners’ rights.

In addition, if you’re having a boundary dispute with a neighbor (often an issue with fence locations or maintenance responsibilities), you may wish to have a property survey done to provide some clarity regarding who is responsible for which parts of the property. In such cases, you should contact a professional property surveyor and have them come out and handle the job for you.

For more information or to schedule professional land surveying in Columbus, GA, contact Moon, Meeks, and Associates, Inc. today.

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