How Construction Site Staking Helps Keep Projects Running Properly

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Surveyors offer a variety of helpful services for construction companies, including construction site staking in Columbus, GA. This early step in a construction project can have a surprisingly huge impact on the project, particularly considering how insignificant it might appear to someone who doesn’t know better. In fact, staking can influence whether or not a project is completed on time, on budget and free of costly mistakes. Therefore, it is important for all construction companies and developers to work with a surveyor in the early stages of a project to perform staking work, among other crucial surveying tasks.

What makes construction staking so important?

Construction staking involves analyzing the building and improvement plans, and then physically mapping them out on the site where those buildings or improvements will be constructed. This is the first step of transferring the architect’s or engineer’s work from the page to the actual job site—you’re going from blueprints to real-life staking.

Proper staking ensures the construction work will be performed exactly to the specifications outlined in the designs for the project. It also helps project managers determine if there are going to be any potential problems with the plan for a project before any excavation, ground clearing or construction can begin.

Once the project is completely staked out, project managers and contractors can evaluate the property and identify any problems that might occur, which helps save a significant amount of time and money later on. A failure to identify these problems before excavation or construction begins could cause major delays and extra expenses in a project, as the construction team has to go back, address the problem and fix the work they’ve already done.

Construction site staking in Columbus, GA does still involve literally driving stakes into the ground to map out the proposed building or improvement. These stakes must be placed in such a manner that they are extremely accurate to the designs provided.

A land surveyor will arrive at the construction site to identify exactly where on the piece of land the project will take place. They will make all of the measurements according to design specifications and lay out stakes that pinpoint precise locations and dimensions of the improvements. Stakes may represent inner or outer walls of buildings, storm or drainage flows and additional improvements to the land such as sidewalks, driveways, curbs or patios. There will be many different elements of the project that will need to be represented through staking, so an experienced and skilled surveyor will understand how to accomplish this in an easily understood manner.

Site layout staking is an even more comprehensive form of construction staking that involves the final placing of the vertical and horizontal locations of all proposed improvements. This takes place after the surveyor has already performed rough grade staking, which is the simpler mapping out of improvements on a piece of property.

For more information about the construction site staking process in Columbus, GA and why it is so critical to any construction project, we encourage you to contact the team at Moon, Meeks, and Associates, Inc. today.

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