Why Do You Need a Professional for Land Use Planning?

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The best land planners in Columbus, GA know that there is much more to land planning than simply following a vision and ensuring each piece goes together with it. While our services at Moon Meeks and Associates, Inc. will make your vision a reality, we will also balance it with regulatory requirements and land features. Here are six reasons why you need to hire a professional land use planner for your project:

  • Zoning codes: If you fail to design and build within the current codes, you will likely face fines and rebuilding expenses. These can easily exceed any fees paid to a professional land planner. Besides ensuring code compliance, a land planner can also help you plan for any rezoning or code deviations. Basically, the often-incomprehensible world of county and municipal codes becomes much more manageable once you hire a land planner.
  • Efficient land use: Whether you are planning a shopping center or a subdivision, you require assistance with the big-picture aspects. Not only are you building for an investment now, but you are creating a plan that should be able to stand the test of time. In addition to ensuring you use the land correctly and within code, we can also help your ideas last through growth, changing needs and market forces.
  • Coordination: There are many elements to your project that are handled by behind-the-scenes professionals like land planners. Utilities, construction schedules, roadways and site constraints must all be balanced with your vision. There may be a need to hire additional experts and consultants and also obtain permits from the city. Without these efforts, you could face a land planning horror story like a lack of internet access or expensive utility installation.
  • Design consultation: Depending on your site limitations, you may require assistance with design. Few plans are perfect from the beginning, and a vast vision may require adjustments to conform with land or regulatory requirements. While the idea of change may not be comfortable, many investors find the changes an improvement and embrace them.
  • Local culture preferences: Land planning also depends on who lives in your area and those who conduct business around you. The community may be accustomed to particular views and landscape features. Your site choice may also be a main access way for community members to reach a park or natural site. Besides your building plans, you may also have to consider easements and other adjustments that make you a welcome part of the community. Blocking views, removing natural areas and reducing access could lead to hard feelings that affect your bottom line.
  • Subdividing: If you are creating a residential community, market studies can help you plan the size of the lots. Depending on your market, people may prefer more affordable multi-unit lots or more space in their own large lot. This can help you determine whether apartment complexes or luxury homes will succeed in your chosen market.

The engineers and surveyors at Moon, Meeks, and Associates, Inc. are among the best land planners in Columbus, GA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your project.

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