Be in the Know: Five Tips for Choosing a Land Surveyor

January 17, 2020 Published by 3 Comments

Many people do not know the difference between the best land surveyors and those who may be merely mediocre. This can lead to issues if your surveyor does not offer the experience and skills needed to ensure you receive an accurate land survey. However, finding the right professional is not too complicated, and as long as you follow a few good tips, you will find the best land surveyors you need for your Columbus, GA land transaction. Here are five ways to get started:

  • Ask your title company: Sometimes, you need expert advice, and title companies regularly retain land surveyors. When in doubt, ask them who they use. They likely have a few firms they hire often and can point you in the right direction depending on whether you need a surveyor for a residential or commercial project. You will not only get a good recommendation, but one that offers a specialty in your particular type of project.
  • Check licenses: If you find a surveyor through your title company, chances are they are licensed. Otherwise, the title company risks liability claims, as all surveyors are required to be licensed in the state where they perform services. Before you hire someone, ask to see their license or check on the state licensing board website to determine the status of the license. If you cannot verify the licensing status of a surveyor, move on. You do not want to take that risk even if the fees are greatly reduced.
  • Verify liability insurance: Most surveyors advertise that they are licensed and bonded. However, this is open to interpretation and does not mean they carry liability insurance. A bond is merely a deposit left with the licensing agency, and it may not be enough to cover damages if your surveyor makes a mistake. Only liability insurance ensures you are properly compensated. As a mistake can cause serious problems in the future, ask about the types of insurance they carry and the coverage limits.
  • Seek a lifetime learner: The land surveying process changes with laws and technology. You want to hire someone who invests in continuing education to stay current on technology, laws and surveying techniques. Just like any field, the only constant in surveying is change, and you do not want to hire anyone who fails to keep up. That can lead to expensive mistakes, so do not be shy about asking surveyors about their continuing education.
  • Ask about experience: There are many technicalities involved in a land survey. Whether you are building a residential or commercial project, you want someone with the specific background needed to ensure an accurate survey. You want experience expressed in years, and even if the firm itself is new, check to ensure the surveyors within it offer the right amount of experience. It will offer you peace of mind and a better outcome for your project.

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  • Thanks for the reminder that having liability insurance is important for a commercial land surveying process. My husband and I are thinking about investing on commercial properties in the future in order to have a more secure source of funds someday. Land surveying would definitely help out with that.

  • Thanks for the reminder that I should also be mindful of the liability insurance when it comes to hiring a land surveyor. I’m interested in looking for such services soon because I think it would be best to get that done before doing any sort of development in my property. Knowing the boundaries of my property would surely be crucial for that.

  • Thanks for the tip about how I should also look for good liability insurance when getting land surveying services. I’d like to hire such services soon because I want to have a large barn built in my property soon. Knowing more about the general topography of the area will help a lot in planning that out.

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