Important Questions to Ask Before Ordering an ALTA Survey

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When you order an ALTA survey, you are requesting a comprehensive boundary assessment. It is created based on standards established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). This means it has certain requirements and should contain specific information. Before you order your survey, consider the following ALTA surveying tips in Columbus, GA.

These insights are particularly important if you need to understand Table A requirements as well. This portion of the survey offers optional items that you or another party might request on the ALTA survey.

Can surveyors determine encroachments?

While the ALTA survey can demonstrate encroachment issues, the surveyor should not express a legal opinion on these matters. The surveyor can offer documentation and statements that indicate possible encroachments, but it will be up to you to decide what legal action can or should be taken based on the surveyor’s findings.

Are all ALTA surveys the same price?

Even if two properties are of similar size, a survey of each could easily vary in cost. This is because the size of the property is only one of the factors that determines the price of the survey. The location, the shape and any additional requirements that are requested are all important aspects that affect the cost of the survey. Of course, the more complex the land and the survey requirements, the more the survey will cost.

Is it best to order a new survey?

Often, a prior survey may exist for a specific parcel of land. However, it is recommended that you order a new ALTA survey if you will be entering into a real estate transaction. This will ensure that the information is up to date and accurate. It may also provide further insight as a comparison to the previous survey, to see if anything has changed.

When should I choose the utilities option?

If you would like the surveyor to include utilities on your ALTA survey, you probably do not need to add this with a Table A item selection. Locating ground utilities is part of the standard inclusions for ALTA surveys. However, if you would like underground utilities marked, you should select Table A Item 11. This is recommended if you will be completing construction on the property to avoid any mishaps with buried utility lines.

Does the survey include zoning information?

Keep in mind that researching zoning of the property may not be part of the standard ALTA survey. You must provide the surveyor a letter or zoning report and request that the zoning information be included on the survey. Since this information is often crucial, a good ALTA surveying tip in Columbus, GA is to include this request.

Get more tips

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  • Thanks for the reminder that ALTA surveying can also help a lot in resolving zoning issues. I’d like to know more about such services because I want a barn built next to my house soon. I want to be very sure that all the space I will be using is still within my property lines.

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