How to Choose a Land Surveyor in Your Area

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When you need top land surveyors in Columbus, GA, you must know what to look for in a quality surveyor. Your future investment may rely heavily on the results of the survey, so it’s crucial to choose your land surveyor wisely. Use the following tips as you consider which professional to partner with for this aspect of your real estate transaction.

Get a recommendation

If you are working with a real estate agent, title company or real estate attorney, these professionals can often recommend a preferred provider for land surveys. They can tell you who the top land surveyors in Columbus, GA are and which ones they recommend. This personal recommendation can help guide you to the best professionals.

You may also consider asking other personal contacts about their experiences with professional surveyors. Find out what a surveyor’s customer service is like by asking for reviews and recommendations from others who have worked with the surveyor in the past.

Look for licensure

Not everyone is qualified to produce land surveys. These professionals must be licensed. Look for a company that has the proper licensures for your region. Ask to see proof of certification or licensure. If the surveyor cannot produce this documentation, take your business elsewhere.

Ask about experience

The survey is an important part of your real estate deal, and you don’t want to leave it in the hands of an amateur. Make sure the company has extensive experience. Look for general experience as well as knowledge of projects that are similar to yours, since surveys can vary greatly in scope.

Consider quality

As you consider which surveying company you want to use, look for someone with whom you feel comfortable. Consider the quality of their customer service. Do they take the time to return calls and answer your questions? Maintain certain quality standards for service as you make your selection. In doing so, you will locate the top land surveyors in Columbus, GA.

Budget appropriately

Not all surveys have the same cost. Various factors, including the size, location and complexity of the property, affect the final cost of the survey. Keep this in mind as you schedule your survey. Also remember the importance of the survey. This is not a task you should skimp on when it comes to cost. You’ll want an experienced, reliable company and a thorough, accurate survey. This is well worth the investment required to obtain a survey that can save you time, money and hassle down the line.

Get more tips

For more tips on finding top land surveyors in Columbus, GA, contact Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc. We’ve been providing reliable civil engineering and land surveying services to the greater Columbus area since 1946. We are a proud team of professional engineers and registered land surveyors, and we take great pride in the work we do. We welcome the opportunity to gain your trust and provide quality civil engineering and land surveying services on your project. Call today for an estimate, and Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc. will get the job done right.

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