What Does a Civil Engineering Firm in Columbus, GA Do?

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Civil engineer work is comprehensive, ranging from designing and planning for builds to permitting and documenting projects. They are trained to understand how the final results will impact the surrounding area, so getting everything correct is crucial. The best civil engineers are highly trained professionals who take charge of plans for public works projects and supervise a project’s progress from beginning to end. While a lot of engineers work in the private sector, many of them do work within the government.

To become a civil engineer, a person must have a college degree in civil engineering or a related field. To be a civil engineer with the authority to sign off on project plans or supervise a team, he or she must be licensed in accordance with state rules. The licensing process to earn professional engineer status includes multiple exams and years of relevant work experience.

Now that you know the description of a civil engineer, you’re probably interested to know what a civil engineering firm in Columbus, GA actually does. Read on for more information!

What civil engineers do

Not only are civil engineers involved in building structures, they are also required to come up with solutions to all sorts of problems and run with them. But let’s start at the beginning.

Civil engineers design and manage the construction of major public works projects—including buildings, bridges, airports, highways and dams—either working for private clients or under contract with government organizations. Different types of projects require civil engineering experts to be fluent in one or more branches of the profession, such as structural engineering, transportation engineering or geotechnical engineering.

There’s a lot of work to do in the office, but the lead civil engineer will also spend time on project sites, overseeing construction and progress. They make sure your project is going according to plan and will address any questions you may have. Every now and then, a civil engineer will attend public, government or committee meetings to speak on behalf of a project. They write a lot, too. It’s not unusual for a civil engineer to write up documents related to a project, like responses to requests for proposals, technical reports and status updates.

Types of civil engineering projects

When you think of civil engineering, you might imagine buildings and bridges being designed and constructed. While this is something civil engineers work on, there’s a lot more to the profession. Here’s a closer look at a few areas of expertise for civil engineers:

  • Residential: Civil engineers oversee a variety of residential projects, such as individual family homes, apartment complexes and large residential towers.
  • Commercial: Possible commercial projects for civil engineers include banks, parking garages, restaurants, shopping centers and office buildings.
  • Industrial: Industrial buildings like factories, business parks, warehouses and communication towers also need to be designed and built.
  • Institutes: Universities, corporate buildings and hospitals often utilize civil engineers.
  • Other: Environmental services and the water management industry also benefit from civil engineer expertise.

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