Important Qualities to Look for in Your Next Land Surveyor

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Not all Georgia land surveyors are created equal. Some are highly qualified, reliable and produce great results. Others don’t. To get the results you desire from your land survey, it’s essential to work with the right surveyor.

To discover the best Georgia land surveyors, look for the following qualities. These traits will ensure that the professional delivers the quality service you expect:

  • Communication skills: A Georgia land surveyor must be able to communicate with other surveyors, as well as with the customer. Since most customers won’t be familiar with the technical side of surveying, the professional must be able to interpret and explain reports in a way that the customer will understand. Look for someone who can communicate clearly with you and is willing to make the effort to ensure you understand everything you need to know.
  • Reliability: This may seem obvious, but this quality is particularly important for Georgia land surveyors. These experts often work in unsupervised situations. With no one looking over their shoulder, they must put in the time and effort to get the job done right on their own. They must be willing to make site visits, perform calculations and complete reports in a timely manner to produce the results you want as their customer.
  • Resilience: A Georgia land surveyor must be capable of working in outdoor conditions, often traversing uneven terrain and enduring extreme temperatures. The surveyor must have stamina and endurance to withstand these conditions and get the job done right. This requires a certain level of physical health and mobility.
  • Experience: You probably don’t want your survey to be the first one a professional completes. Look for someone who has experience in the field. In addition to years of experience, look for a surveyor who has completed the type of survey you need.
  • Recommendations: A good surveyor has an established reputation in the industry. He or she can provide references from satisfied clients. Don’t be shy about asking for these recommendations, both from the surveyor and from other reliable sources. You can also check for online reviews of the survey company to see what others have experienced with their services.
  • Qualifications: What training has the surveyor completed? Find out what qualifies the individual to perform the work at hand. Ask about coursework, training and certifications. Find out what equipment and software the surveyor uses for each project. Determining the surveyor’s qualifications will reveal whether or not this is someone you feel comfortable working with for your project.

Complete your checklist

For professionals who meet all of these qualifications, contact the team at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc. We’ve been the go-to source for Georgia land surveyors since 1946. We are a proud Georgian corporation of professional engineers and registered land surveyors, and we take great pride in the work we do. We welcome the opportunity to gain your trust and provide land surveying services on your project. We have state-of-the-art equipment, and we maintain extensive files and knowledge of the Columbus community. Call today for an estimate.

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