Important Qualities to Look for When Selecting a Land Surveyor in Georgia

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When you’re looking for a contractor to help with a home improvement project, you want to hire a person you get along with and can trust. Remember this principle when you need other services, too, such as land surveying for a vacant lot or to determine property lines. Don’t rush into hiring a surveyor—do your research, as the best land surveyor in Columbus, GA will possess the following qualities:

  • Communication: Good communication is a key quality to look for in a land surveyor. Communication between the client and surveyor establishes both trust and a better understanding of each stage of the project. Additionally, the right person radiates professionalism every step of the way and provides details for the final survey. If you have questions before, during or after the survey, he or she will not have a problem taking the time to give you and your team written, verbal or visual answers.
  • Qualifications: Although the exact qualifications required will depend on your specific type of project, the land surveyor you choose to work with should at least have years of experience in the industry, and have worked on similar projects throughout their career. Ultimately, they need the necessary skills, a license and a range of professional qualifications, as well as a commitment to continued education in the surveying industry.
  • Right equipment: Land surveying is so much more than simply assessing the condition of a piece of land and taking measurements. The job requires accuracy and precision to determine boundary lines. The slightest miscalculation could lead to legal problems, which is something everyone wants to avoid. When you find and hire the best land surveyor in Columbus, GA, they will have the right equipment for the job, which will ensure the project ends well and gets you the accurate results you need.
  • Proven track record: Even though your land surveyor should have a license, having one doesn’t necessarily guarantee stellar work. In addition to seeing their license and certifications, it’s also important to hire a land surveyor with a proven track record of success. Ask to see client references, customer testimonials and a portfolio of past projects similar to yours. Another step you can take is going online to do some research of your own.
  • Quality control: Quality control means something a little different in the land surveying industry. While someone in the business of providing physical goods—like automotive parts, home furnishings or food—can test and visually inspect their products to ensure quality, land surveyors rely on correct results to prove quality. In this case, quality control revolves around delivering a project on time and complete with accurate results and supporting documentation.
  • Provides peace of mind: Your peace of mind should be important to the land surveyor you hire. If the company guarantees their work, that’s a good sign of their confidence in the quality of the job they do. This reflects the surveyor’s reputation, the pride they have in their work and the belief they have in their company’s abilities.

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