The Importance of Erosion Control in Georgia

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Are you familiar with the role of erosion control planners in Columbus, GA? If you haven’t been involved in a land project, you might not realize the important role these professionals play in protecting the environment around you.

The fact is, erosion control planners in Columbus, GA are crucial to the health and welfare of the land, wildlife and people of Georgia. Consider the following as you weigh the importance of erosion control and the professionals who take on this task.

What is erosion?

To fully understand the importance of erosion control planners in Columbus, GA, you must first understand erosion itself. Erosion is the displacement of rock, soil and other particles by water or wind. This process occurs over time and can greatly affect the landscape and its inhabitants.

What are the effects of erosion?

First, erosion affects wildlife. As the ground is displaced, animal habitats change or disappear. What was once a welcoming environment for certain species can no longer sustain them. Some are forced to find new homes, while others may die due to their new, unwelcoming surroundings.

Erosion also affects property. Structures that rely on stable ground, solid foundations or specific grading of the land will suffer as erosion occurs. Driveways, homes and businesses can all experience damage over time as the land on which they were constructed changes.

Lastly, erosion affects the health of the environment, since it contributes to pollution. Pollutants are carried into water sources or seep into the ground. This is a common concern on job sites, where construction materials can easily mix with the surrounding environment to cause severe pollution. Steps must be taken to prevent this damage.

What do erosion control planners in Columbus, GA do?

Erosion control planners in Columbus, GA complete a variety of tasks to control erosion. They examine the land, its condition, factors that are affecting erosion and the methods available to combat it. Then, they determine what the best solution is for each situation to prevent further erosion or to control it in a healthy way.

Methods of erosion control include slope stabilization, hydroseeding, temporary seed and straw/mulching, super silt fence, silt fence, matting installation, wash racks, construction entrances and inlet/outlet protection.

How can you prevent erosion on your property?

To protect your property from erosion, partner with erosion control planners in Columbus, GA. If you’re planning a construction project, contact these professionals to put the proper measures in place before, during and after construction. If you’re concerned about general erosion not related to construction on your property, consult with an erosion control planner to determine what steps should be taken to prevent damage to your land, buildings and wildlife.

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