Important Reasons Why Land Must Be Surveyed When Being Transferred

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When most people think of land surveyors, they often imagine a lone person standing on a hill looking out over a vast expanse, with a pad in one hand and surveying equipment in the other. The modern land surveying operation, however, is typically a team of people with high-tech gear and a wide variety of responsibilities.

As land surveyors in Columbus, GA, we find that people are often surprised to learn the important role a land surveyor plays in a variety of tasks, projects and even legal proceedings and business deals. One such example is the transfer of land. Land surveyors must be involved in land transactions in order to ensure that both parties are protected. If you are looking into transferring land or purchasing land here are a few important reasons why you should have the land surveyed first.

Determine the boundaries

First and foremost, a land surveyor is responsible for defining the boundaries of the property. Over time, people’s understanding of where a boundary lies can shift, and what you thought was part of your own property may actually belong to someone else. A land surveyor will use public records to ensure that boundaries are clearly defined for both parties in a land transfer, saving time and money and preventing any future legal troubles.

See what’s changed

Even if your land has been surveyed before, it’s important to have it surveyed again. A lot can change on a property between surveys. Any new buildings that were erected may cross property boundaries. Perhaps the road or sidewalk has been expanded along the property. Even natural shifts in the land, such as from a body of water, can shift boundary lines. We’ve had many instances where a person’s property was several square feet larger (or smaller) due to a street widening or a river or creek expanding naturally over time.

Meet requirements

If you are taking out a mortgage to buy a property or need to insure the property, one of the parties involved in the transaction will typically be required to survey the property. This is to ensure that the property’s value is accurate for mortgage purposes. For title insurance, an insurer will want a new survey done in order to exclude anything that may be an issue.

Assess existing improvements

Improvements made to a property, such as additional buildings, additions, remodels and even landscaping, are sometimes made without the proper permits and may be in violation of certain codes and regulations. A survey during a property transfer may identify certain improvements that may be in violation of local laws, such as issues with dimensions, building lines, frontage, setbacks and even parking. A surveyor will let you know if they find anything that is in violation.

If you are looking to transfer property, be sure that you protect yourself and have the land surveyed prior to the transfer. For the most experienced land surveyors in Columbus, GA, be sure to call the team at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc.!

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