What Type of Land Survey Do You Need?

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There are numerous reasons why you might need to conduct a land survey. Everything from establishing boundaries for property buying and selling to legal cases regarding easements to new developments require land to be surveyed. Land surveying is a discipline that measures and pinpoints the location of existing structures and natural features, including buildings, roads, elevations and angles. It can be a bit complex knowing exactly which kind of survey is right for a particular situation.

If you’re in need of land surveying in Muscogee County, GA, but aren’t sure exactly which kind of survey is most appropriate for your project, you’ll want to do some research first. Read on to figure out which type of land survey best describes your situation:

  • Construction survey: This type of survey is specific to staking out particular structures that include buildings, roads, utilities and walls. Construction surveying includes slope staking as well as horizontal and vertical grading.
  • Boundary survey: This determines the boundaries of a given piece of property. Elements such as recorded deeds and physical features are taken into account. Usually completing a boundary survey involves some work done on nearby land to securely identify the exact boundaries. This is typically done prior to selling a piece of property.
  • Topographic survey: Typically completed by a civil engineering firm, this kind of survey maps out all of the land’s topographic features, such as bodies of water, roads, ditches and utilities.
  • Site planning survey: This survey is a combination of boundary and topographic surveying that’s used when a developer is planning a residential, industrial or commercial project.
  • Location survey: This is similar to a boundary survey but includes information on the exact spot where interior improvements will be completed. A location survey is often required in order to obtain necessary zoning permits or as part of a loan application.
  • ALTA/ACSM survey: This acronym is for the American Land Title Association/American Congress on Survey and Mapping. This survey is very comprehensive and intended to include all elements of the property. Oftentimes lenders will require that an ALTA/ASCM survey be completed prior to the purchase of a property.
  • Subdivision survey: This kind of survey is useful when dividing a piece of property up into smaller parts to be sold off. This needs to be submitted to the local government, as the location of properties is key to elements such as streets and drainage.

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