Tips for Erosion Control in Columbus, GA for Steep Slopes and Embankments

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When you’re doing work on your landscaping or grading your property for development, erosion control is an essential factor to take into account. Without proper erosion control, your property is susceptible to major soil shifts as a result of rain, heavy winds and other factors. Erosion can lead to a variety of problems that damage your property and are costly to remediate, so it’s important to invest in erosion control on your property early on. Read on to find out more about a few of the most effective ways in which effective erosion control in Columbus, GA on steep slopes and embankments can help to prevent major shifts in your soil:

  • Plant vegetation: Plants and shrubs develop root systems that can secure soil on steep slopes. Planting vegetation can be a very effective form of erosion control when it’s done properly. In addition to securing soil into place with complex root systems, vegetation can also reduce erosion by sheltering soil with leaves and foliage to reduce the impact of precipitation. For the best results, it’s important to leave as little uncovered soil as possible on a slope or embankment.
  • Focus on drainage: Water is the primary cause of erosion on slopes and embankments, so the best way to prevent erosion damage is to invest in proper drainage. Creating diversions that channel water off a slope can improve drainage and limit the impact of precipitation on your property. You can also install gutters and pipes to promote more effective water drainage.
  • Consider hardscaping: Depending on the severity of the slope that you are trying to control, planting vegetation might not be an effective form of erosion control. If you’re dealing with an especially steep slope or embankment, you may need to consider hardscaping to control erosion and promote effective drainage. Building terraces or retaining walls can help to significantly reduce erosion and can increase the longevity of your landscaped slope or embankment. Investing in hardscaping can save you a lot of money on erosion remediation in the long run.
  • Consult with a professional: One of the best things you can do when attempting to identify solutions for your property is consult with a professional who specializes in erosion control in Columbus, GA. They will be able to assess the degree of your slope or embankment and provide recommendations and services to control erosion. They can also help you determine whether hardscaping is necessary to preserve your slope or embankment and reduce the risk of weather-related erosion.

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