Seven Myths About Property Surveys in Columbus, GA Debunked

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Despite the many official and practical uses for property surveys in Columbus, GA, some landowners don’t feel that they will be helpful in their particular situation. Several myths and misconceptions exist about property surveys and their usefulness, which is why our group of experienced surveyors is here to show you just how important it is to have a survey completed:

  • Encroachments on property lines are rare: These types of disputes are more common than you think, especially as homeowners are constantly looking at additions to increase property values in a competitive market. Even if you don’t believe that the property boundaries will ever become an issue between you and your neighbors, it is best to eliminate any uncertainty just in case the situation ever changes.
  • The survey stakes are visible, so a survey isn’t needed: Although stakes from a previous project may be visible, it doesn’t mean that they are completely accurate and representative of where your property boundaries are today. Having a new survey completed will ensure accuracy for any potential structure that you might want to build.
  • Land surveys aren’t needed for fence construction: While building a new fence might seem like a simple project that wouldn’t create any issues, if you build a fence without knowing where the boundaries are located, you might be forced to take it down if your neighbor finds that it is encroaching on their property.
  • Your fence has been there for 100 years: Just because a fence has been on your property since your home was built doesn’t necessarily mean it is an accurate depiction of the boundaries. In fact, the longer a fence has been standing, the more inaccurate its location could be, as the surveys completed during that time might not have been as comprehensive and thorough as they are now.
  • Previous documentation already exists: Be sure to check what type of documents you have. You might find that what you actually have is a copy of an old map or similar drawing that was created for tax-related purposes, and an official survey was never completed.
  • There is no need for a second survey: Even if a survey was performed on your property in the past, it is very possible that a new survey could uncover new information. The landmarks and monuments may have changed over the years, and the new surveyor can use the previous survey to create updated results with improved accuracy.
  • Surveys cost too much: Not having a survey completed can actually become the more expensive endeavor, as property disputes can become quite costly if they go to court. You also don’t want to pour time and money into a construction, only to find that it is encroaching on your neighbor’s land and will have to be torn down.

Despite common misconceptions, land surveys can be very useful in many different situations. Our team at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc is ready to help you with an accurate, reliable property survey in Columbus, GA, whether you have an immediate dispute that needs to be settled or you would just like to know about the true boundaries of your land. Give us a call today to learn more about just how much a survey can benefit you, and schedule your consultation!

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