What to Do About Conflicting Property Boundaries

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Land disputes can get downright bitter, and you will need to retrieve as much information as possible to help you win these battles. Fortunately, your local land surveyors in Columbus, GA are here to help you learn more about the surveying process, and the ways that you can protect yourself when disputes arise. Here are just a few of the many ways in which a land survey can help if you find yourself in a disagreement about property boundaries with a neighbor.

Land can shift over time

If no land survey has been conducted in between the time your home was built and the present day, there is a possibility that what you or your neighbor might believe is your land is actually not. Particularly with older homes, the surveys might have been completed using dated systems, or certain geographical features may have changed in the many years since. It is quite possible that your house was built during a time when people simply didn’t have the level of land surveying knowledge that exists now.

How surveys aid during disputes

In order to effectively dispute boundaries, property lines first have to be correctly and accurately established. It’s important for land surveys to be completed before the construction of any building begins, whether it is a brand-new house or a garage in the backyard. Even if you don’t have any projects planned, you can still have a survey completed so that you are aware of the property lines, which may not have been verified since the housing in the area was originally developed.

Land surveys completed by professional, certified surveyors can be presented as evidence of established boundaries, and can be used in mediations or if the situation escalates to the court system for a legal decision. It is also not unheard of for some of the surveyors who worked on a project to be called in during the trial as expert witnesses with knowledge of the boundaries of the land.

Know your rights

If your neighbor has built an encroaching structure on what you believe might be your land, have a survey completed and bring the construction into question right away. Swift action is important because there are some cases in which a structure that has been standing for a long time is allowed to remain and take precedence. This is called adverse possession, but it can be avoided in cases where the landowner contests it in a timely manner.

If there is any confusion or uncertainty about the boundaries on your property, contact the professionals at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc for help avoiding a difficult land dispute with a neighbor that has the potential to escalate quickly. For more than half a century, we have helped landowners and homeowners alike determine just where the edge of their property lies, which can be helpful not only in immediate disputes, but if anything arises in the future as well. Call us for an estimate today so our talented land surveyors in Columbus, GA can get to work for you!

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