Top Five Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed in Columbus, GA

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You’ve probably heard about the importance of property surveys in Columbus, GA when you’re buying or selling a piece of real estate. But do you know why they are important?

You may also be unaware of other circumstances that warrant a property survey. The truth is, property surveys in Columbus, GA are helpful for a variety of situations. Following are the top reasons to have a survey completed.

To Establish Boundaries

Just because that fence has been on your property for 30 years doesn’t mean it accurately marks the boundary of your yard. A property survey in Columbus, GA clearly and accurately shows the boundaries of the property. This is helpful to know before adding onto an existing structure or building a new one on the property. It eliminates the risk of encroaching on someone else’s property, and informs the property owner if someone else has built on their land.

To Discover Easements

An easement is an agreement granting a party access to part of the property. Common examples include utility easements and road access easements. Your yard may contain utility lines which the utility company may need to access, or your property may block your neighbor’s access to the street, making it necessary for them to cross your yard to get to the road. It’s important to be aware of any easements that are in place so they are not a surprise down the road and so that the property owner doesn’t do anything to violate these agreements.

To Determine Shared Spaces

Some properties include joint driveways, party walls or other shared structures. If this is the case, the responsibility for these areas is often shared. You may be required to maintain a wall, drive or overhang due to how it affects a neighbor’s space. This is important to know if you own the property, so you can fulfill your obligations. It’s also good to know before buying a property, to fully understand the responsibilities involved in maintaining the structures and land.

To Learn Zoning Classification

Property surveys in Columbus, GA report the type of zoning for which the property is classified. Whether a property is zoned as residential, commercial or industrial greatly affects how the owner can use the property. The owner must conform to local zoning ordinances or risk legal ramifications, so it is important to be aware of the current zoning of the property.

To Confirm Existing Improvements

A property survey in Columbus, GA will confirm that any existing improvements are not in violation of any laws or regulations. It will let the property owner (or potential property owner) know if any dimensions, building lines, parking or other features do not meet legal requirements.

Start Your Survey

Do you need additional information about your current property or one you are considering for investment? Before you begin a construction project or make an offer on a new home or commercial space, contact a survey professional. A property survey in Columbus, GA will help you determine the true condition of the property, alert you to any concerns and guide your future property development. The experts at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc. are ready to assist you. Contact our team today to get started on your property survey.

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