What Civil Engineers in Georgia Can Offer You

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Civil engineering is a discipline that has to do with the design and construction of manmade structures and infrastructure like roads, bridges and airports. Civil engineers work across industries to help developers in the private and public sector develop plans for construction projects and execute on them. While you may be somewhat familiar with what a civil engineer does, you might be surprised to know just how many different services these professionals can provide.

Civil engineering background

It takes a lot of education and training to become a licensed civil engineer. Civil engineers in Georgia must acquire a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or civil engineering technology. To pursue senior positions in civil engineering firms, it’s usually necessary to get a graduate degree. After receiving their degree, civil engineers must pursue licensure according to the requirements in their state. To get licensed, civil engineers typically have to get hands-on work experience under the supervision of a licensed civil engineer and take a special test to assess their practical engineering knowledge.

There is a significant need for civil engineers, and employment of civil engineers is growing at an impressive rate. As new development and infrastructure projects arise across the country, the demand for civil engineering is growing fast. Much of the infrastructure that was built decades ago is becoming old, outdated and damaged, so qualified civil engineers are needed to help manage projects to rebuild bridges, airport, roadways, levees, dams and other structures.

What civil engineers can do

The broad expertise of civil engineers in Georgia qualifies them for a wide variety of projects. A person with a civil engineering degree might be a building control surveyor, a consulting civil engineer, a water engineer, a nuclear engineer, a contracting civil engineer, a design engineer, a site engineer or a structural engineer. Regardless of their specific specialty, civil engineers play a crucial role in the completion of projects. In many cases, you need the services of a civil engineer to proceed with a planned development.

When you need to hire a civil engineer, make sure you do some vetting first. Look for civil engineers in Georgia who have the necessary education and qualifications. You should also pay careful attention to their track record and ask about the projects they’ve worked on in the past. Different civil engineers have different specialties, so you should make sure that your engineer’s expertise lines up with the goals you have for your project.

Contact our civil engineers in Georgia

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