Top Six Reasons to Get a Land Survey in Columbus, GA

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There are several reasons why property owners seek out the expertise of professional land surveyors. They may need to settle a property line dispute. They might want to locate easements or natural land features. Whatever the reason, it’s important that surveys be done before problems become worse or structures get built in ways that conflict with local regulations.

Here are the top six reasons to get a land survey in Columbus, GA:

  • Boundary lines: Topping the list is boundary line location. This particular service is often done at the request of a landowner seeking help from a land surveyor to end a property line dispute, or to confirm land ownership before starting a project, like building a fence, installing a driveway or adding a home addition or structure. A boundary line survey and certification is the most accurate way for you and your neighbor to be sure neither of you is encroaching, one way or the other.
  • Avoid line discrepancies: When you get a boundary line certification, you’ll most likely find out if there’s a discrepancy between your property and an adjoining property. This part of the survey is especially important for owners of properties that share boundary lines with roads, streets, alleys or highways.
  • Easements and rights of way: You may not know it, but your property’s title report and other agreements shows all the conditions imposed by law. This means a professional boundary survey will expose easements and rights of ways, such as if your property has a block that prevents a neighbor or county workers from using a shared or public access road. For example, there may be an easement that grants your neighbor the right to pass through your yard to get to the street.
  • Bodies of water: Another reason to get a land survey is to identify bodies of water on owned land. Because these surveys only report visible and surface water—like ponds, rivers, wells, lakes and creeks—it’s best to consult a different party for professional inspections that look for underground waters and wetlands, if it’s what you need. A survey for this type of assessment is often requested by people who own significant acreage.
  • Existing buildings and improvements: Land surveys regularly include existing buildings and other kinds of improvements that are there at the time of the survey. This is to ensure these improvements are not in violation of local laws and other restrictions on the build’s height, dimension, bulk, parking, etc. The land surveyor will inform you if your improvement is in violation of local laws or ordinances so you can make arrangements to make the necessary changes.
  • Cemeteries: Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for families to have a family burial ground on their property. If you suspect there’s a cemetery in your backyard or have heard rumors about a burial plot somewhere under your vegetable garden, you might want to get a survey to find the exact location of that possible old cemetery.

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