Top Reasons to Get a More Current Survey

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Land surveys are important for everything from planning and developing subdivisions to resolving property disputes between neighbors. Regardless of what kind of land you own, it’s a good idea to have a survey conducted by a professional so that you have written documentation of the physical characteristics of your property. Even if your property has been surveyed before, it might be time to get another one. There are a number of reasons why you should think about getting a current survey if yours is a little outdated.

What’s changed about surveying?

Like any industry, land surveying has been revolutionized by the development of sophisticated digital technologies. Decades ago, land surveyors in Georgia had relatively basic tools at their disposal with which to conduct a survey. This kind of surveying relied on manual calculations and measurements, which left a lot of room for error. As a result, there are a lot of identifiable errors and discrepancies in surveys that are a few decades old. Erroneous surveys can lead to a number of negative outcomes for property owners and developers. Without a reliable survey, you may struggle to carry out your plans for development and find yourself in the midst of a boundary dispute with a neighboring landowner.

New technologies have made it possible for land surveyors to take much more accurate measurements. Sophisticated geolocation services, data from satellites, drone footage and digital measuring tools all contribute to a far more automated surveying process. Because measurements integrate information from automated sources, there is a smaller chance of human error interfering with the accuracy of a survey. However, despite this new technology, land surveyors in Georgia still do a significant amount of work to compile the data and complete a survey. Technology has not made the work of surveyors obsolete—rather, it has given surveyors the tools they need to deliver even better results to their clients.

Why get a new survey?

When you get a new survey of your property, don’t be surprised if it seems to be different from a previous survey. New technology will increase the accuracy of your survey so that you are better equipped to resolve disputes, plan developments or begin construction on your land. Regardless of why you need a land survey, it’s always a good idea to consult a surveyor who has access to sophisticated technology and equipment that will help them ensure precise measurements and a survey that’s as accurate as possible.

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