What You Need to Know About Rezoning

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Do you have new plans for your property? Do they involve rezoning? Perhaps you’re not sure if this will be required or not. If you’re undertaking some serious land planning in Columbus, GA, it’s important to familiarize yourself with rezoning. This will help you avoid planning pitfalls and ensure your property management is as smooth as possible. Following are the top things you need to know.

The Zones

Properties are zoned as residential, business or industrial. Each type of zone is subdivided into various levels within that category. Property owners must adhere to the regulations established within each of these subcategories with regards to how they use their property. Experts in land planning in Columbus, GA can help property owners review the current rules and restrictions in force for their type of property.

The Reasons

Why would you need to rezone your property? This could be for several reasons. The most common are to use a residential property for business and to divide the property to sell a portion of the land. The latter reason is typically referred to as subdividing. However, this usually involves rezoning due to the new plans for the property. In any of these situations, rezoning is necessary before you can move forward with your new land-use plans.

The Timeline

Rezoning takes time. If you’re hoping to rezone your property, be prepared for a long process. Don’t expect to open up shop next week in your newly zoned business. Rezoning can take anywhere from two months to two years. It’s also possible for your request to be denied.

The Process

Rezoning involves complex paperwork to complete the required land planning in Columbus, GA. Your local authorities need documentation, which starts with a detailed report explaining why you want to rezone your property. You will probably meet with a town planner to review your submission and complete any plans and reports required. The next step is typically advertising your plans to give the public opportunity to submit any objections. Once this process is complete, the authorities will review the request, along with any objections, and submit it to a committee for a final decision.

The Support

Due to the complex nature of the documentation required, many property owners seek the services of experts in land planning in Columbus, GA. Land surveyors, attorneys and town planners are often recruited for various steps in this process. Property owners often find that relying on these specialists who understand the procedures is the best way to work through the rezoning process.

Ready to Rezone?

If you think you may need to rezone your property, consult with experienced professionals to help you through this endeavor. Experts in the field of land planning in Columbus, GA are a crucial source during the rezoning process. For leading professionals, contact the team at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc. Our in-depth knowledge of land planning and rezoning makes us the ideal resource for property owners. Reach out to us today for expert consultation. We look forward to partnering with you to make your land initiative a success.

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