How to Find a Quality Land Surveyor

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Land surveys are essential to everything from planning a large multi-use development to determining where to build a fence on your property. These surveys are conducted by professionals who have the knowledge, training and certification necessary to legally establish the specific boundaries and features of a given piece of property. However, not all land surveyors will give you the same level of expertise and service. It’s important that you know exactly how to look for a provider of land surveying in Muscogee County, GA:

  • Prepare yourself for a land survey: Before you ever contact local land surveyors, make sure that you are prepared by gathering all of the relevant documentations and materials. Make sure you have physical copies of the deed to your property, as well as any existing site maps and the documentation from the most recent survey that was conducted, if available.
  • Start your search: The best place to start looking for providers of land surveying in Muscogee County, GA is online. Start with a cursory search for surveyors in your area and collect a few names that you can use as the basis for your hiring process.
  • Narrow down potential surveyors: Once you have several names of local surveyors, it’s time to start narrowing down your list. You can use several different methods to compile a list of the most favorable options. Many people like to look at online reviews of surveyors at this point to give them a better idea of the actual quality of the service that they provide. You can also browse their website and check for all of the relevant certification and licensure information. It’s imperative that you hire a land surveyor who is fully trained, licensed and certified to render the services you need.
  • Interview several candidates: Now that you have a short list of potential land surveyors, give your candidates a call. Write out a list of questions that have to do with their certification, training, experience and the standard rates that they charge for service. It may be helpful to write down information about the surveyors you call so that you can compare basic details once you’ve interviewed all of your candidates.
  • Make a decision based on relevant information: Now that you have all of the information that you need in front of you, it’s time to make your decision. Take into account the cost of service as well as the experience and knowledge that different surveyors will bring to the table.

Finding the right land surveyor can be a challenge, but at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc., we are proud of the quality of service and depth of knowledge that we have to offer. We have been providing our clients with reliable and informed civil engineering and land surveying services since 1946. All of our engineers and surveyors have the education, credentials and certification necessary to provide you with an exceptional level of service. To find out more about our expertise or to get a service estimate for land surveying in Muscogee County, GA, reach out to us by phone today.

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