Five Common Misconceptions About Land Surveyors in Columbus, GA

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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “land surveyors”? Do you know what these professionals do? Are you familiar with the process and purpose of land surveying? The truth is, most people have heard several common misconceptions about land surveying that have distorted their perception of this field. Let’s bust the top five myths below.

“I already know my property boundaries, so I don’t need a survey.”

Many property owners incorrectly assume they know exactly where their property boundaries lie. They hope to rely on old stakes, fencing or other landmarks to mark their perimeter. This is a mistake. Fences often do not follow property lines, and stakes from past surveys may indicate something other than property boundaries or may prove inaccurate. Only a licensed land surveyor in Columbus, GA can truly reveal your property boundaries to you.

“A survey isn’t necessary—my neighbors won’t encroach.”

Land disputes are more common than you think. You never know when a neighbor might decide to install a pool, build a fence or chop down a tree. Or, you may be the one who decides to make alterations on the property. It’s important to have an established property boundary in place before this time comes. Hire a land surveyor in Columbus, GA to officially mark your property lines so you can avoid disputes and potential feuds.

“I can’t afford a survey.”

Many property owners assume a survey will be a significant investment. They avoid arranging for this service because they think it is outside of their budget. Land surveyors in Columbus, GA typically charge between $350 and $500. Considering the lack of a survey can end up costing property owners thousands of dollars in project changes, legal fees or lawsuit payments, this is well worth the initial investment.

“I can build without a survey.”

Starting construction on a property without a survey is a risky business. When laying water systems and other structural foundations, it’s easy to cross property lines. You may end up having to tear things down and start over. Why take the risk? Whether your municipality requires it or not, a land survey by a professional land surveyor in Columbus, GA will make your building project a much smoother endeavor.

“I don’t need a survey because all the town’s land is already surveyed.”

It’s true—your town may have mapped out the area when it was founded. This may have been completed for tax purposes or to mark the boundaries of the city. However, they may have relied on landmarks that no longer exist. Additionally, they may be outdated for other reasons, such as new land acquisitions or change of land uses. Any time a property changes hands or an owner decides to develop the property in some way, it’s important to obtain a current survey.

Stake the Truth

Do you have additional questions about land surveyors in Columbus, GA? If you need a professional land survey or are wondering if you need this service, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc. We are happy to answer any questions or schedule your next land survey.

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