What Can a Professional Engineer Do?

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There seems to be an almost endless list of different professions that fall under the umbrella of engineering. From aeronautical engineers who have a hand in designing major aircraft models to biomedical engineers who are responsible for creating innovative medical equipment and devices, engineering is undoubtedly a crucial profession and area of study. However, not all engineers have the same level of education or expertise. Professional engineers in Muscogee County, GA have extra licensure and are distinct from other engineers in several ways, including certain capabilities and competencies.

What is a professional engineer?

A professional engineer is an engineer with quite a bit of additional education and training. Once they have been licensed, a professional engineer can sign off on engineering plans and provide a range of engineering services to clients. A student who wants to earn the title of professional engineer must start by completing a four-year undergraduate degree program. After that, they must begin a mentorship or apprentice-style program, which involves working under a professional engineer for an additional four years.

Once they have completed their education and apprenticeship, a prospective professional engineer must take and pass two exams to gauge knowledge and competency. After passing these exams, a professional engineer can have their license granted by the engineering licensure board in the state. Even after all of that training, a professional engineer still has to engage in continuing education and training in order to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and retain their license.

Here’s what sets a professional engineer apart:

  • Engineering planning: One of the primary things that distinguishes professional engineers in Muscogee County, GA from other engineers is the fact that they can sign, seal and submit engineering plans to private and public clients for approval. A licensed professional engineer must sign off on engineering plans in order to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Teaching: In most cases, for an engineer to be eligible to teach or educate engineering students, they must hold a professional engineer license.
  • Ethical standards: When someone becomes a professional engineer, they are agreeing to adhere to high professional and ethical standards. People who endure the level of education and training that is associated with becoming a professional engineer demonstrate their commitment to the profession.
  • Government engineering: Typically, government agencies and offices require the engineers with whom they contract to hold the title of professional engineer. This also means that many of the high-level permanent engineering positions on the city, county, state and federal level can only be filled by licensed professional engineers.

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