Top Reasons to Order Property Surveys in Muscogee County, GA

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Do you need a property survey in Muscogee County, GA? Many situations benefit from this professional service. If you encounter any of the following property scenarios, contact an expert to complete a survey of your property:

  • Property lines: Are you unsure exactly where the boundaries of your property end and begin? If you (or your neighbor) decide to install a fence or other outdoor structure, a property survey in Muscogee County, GA is essential. This will allow you to properly configure your building project so as to avoid encroachments.
  • Rights of way: Your property may be subject to easements, which give others the right of way on your property. A survey will reveal any rights of way, so you are aware of any potential issues with this access. For example, your neighbor may have the right to walk across your yard if your property blocks their access to the road.
  • Overlaps: Is your property adjacent to alleys, highways or other properties with unclear boundaries? A survey will certify boundary lines to clear up any question of where properties might appear to overlap.
  • Party walls: Does your property include joint driveways, overhangs or shared walls? You may be required to properly maintain these portions of your land or structures in order to protect your neighbor’s rights. A survey will reveal any party walls for which you are responsible.
  • Existing Improvements: Property surveys in Muscogee County, GA certify that improvements and alterations on your land do not violate any laws or regulations. They will verify that the dimensions and location are legal and approved or that you need to make changes to bring your improvements up to legal status.
  • Residential zoning: Your property survey will reveal the zoning of your land. This may be necessary if you desire to add a commercial structure to your property. Your survey will inform you of any restrictions on the use of your property, whether residential or commercial.
  • Trees: Who is responsible for the dead tree at the far corner of your yard? Is it okay if you remove the tree stump that is near the road? Questions like these can be easily answered by a property survey in Muscogee County, GA. The surveyor will inform you exactly where your property ends and begins and where you have the right or responsibility to work on the land.
  • Your address: Depending on how your home is situated on your lot, it may be unclear which street should be used for the property address. Your survey will indicate where the vehicular access should be located, to properly establish your address for mail delivery, emergency vehicles and driveway construction.

If you encounter any of these property issues, property surveys in Muscogee County, GA are your ideal solution. To receive a professional survey that is accurate, timely and dependable, contact the experts at Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson, Inc. We partner with homeowners and business owners to establish clear boundaries and land use for their properties. To get started on your property survey, contact our experienced team today.

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