Tips for Choosing Land Surveyors in GA

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Are you purchasing a property in Georgia? Whether you plan to build or are purchasing an existing home or commercial structure, it is essential to contact land surveyors in GA. Completing a survey is the best way to determine exactly what you are purchasing and how you can legally build on the property.

As you consider various land surveyors in GA, keep the following tips in mind. Following these steps will help you narrow your search and find the right surveyor to meet your needs:

  • Ask the experts: Several professionals have regular interactions with land surveyors in GA. Contact these field experts to find out whom they would recommend for your survey completion. Ask your realtor, real estate attorney or title company professionals. They should be able to offer a solid recommendation, as well as tell you whom to avoid.
  • Check their status: Land surveyors in GA must be licensed to do their job. Check with the state licensing board to confirm their status. You can also ask to view their license to verify that it is current. If a land surveyor in GA cannot prove they are licensed, move on to the next company.
  • Interview them: Speak with the land surveyors in GA directly about their services. Ask detailed questions about what they are able to provide. Many different survey options are available, so find out if they perform the type you want. Your interview will also help you determine what level of service they can offer. Were they responsive to phone calls when you contacted them initially? Are they open and willing to answer questions? If your experience starts off negative, it is unlikely to be pleasant overall.
  • Clarify cost: How much does the land surveyor cost, and what does their fee include? Will you be charged for travel? What if there are weather delays? Find out if you will be charged a flat rate or by the hour. Get all pricing and details in writing. A professional land surveyor in GA should have no problem producing their rates and putting them in writing. If a company is reluctant to answer pricing questions or is unclear about their fees, find someone else who is more up front about their cost.
  • Get references: What do other people say about the land surveyors in GA that you are researching? Ask around for recommendations and ask the company directly for references. If they have an established track record in the industry, they should not have difficulty producing someone who can recommend them. If you ask around and look for reviews online and either can’t find any or find only negative ones, consider looking elsewhere for your land survey services.

Choose the Experts

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