Land Planning in Muscogee County, GA: A Helpful Q & A

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Are you familiar with the term “land planning?” Have you ever hired a land planner? If you are new to land use or construction projects, these terms may be foreign to you. If you have worked with someone who claimed to be a land planner, you may still be unsure of exactly what this title encompasses. Use the following Q & A guide to land planning in Muscogee County, GA to educate yourself on the topic. This information will prove useful in a variety of projects you may encounter.

What is land planning in Muscogee County, GA?

Land planning is the process of designing and assigning the locations for streets, buildings, open spaces, walkways and any other structures that will occupy the land. This is necessary for any and every construction project, engineering endeavor or civil development. It is essentially the first step in executing a building project.

Who completes the land planning in Muscogee County, GA?

This task can be completed by a variety of individuals. In truth, whomever takes on the responsibility of completing the land-use arrangements becomes the land planner. These duties often fall to civil engineers and land surveyors.

What qualifications are required to complete land planning in Muscogee County, GA?

Currently, no registration or certification is required to be recognized as a land planner in the United States. Whoever completes land planning is a land planner. If you design the plans to develop a vacant lot, you become a land planner.

What do land planners in Muscogee County, GA offer?

Land planners work with developers to make the most of their investment. They will review the potential of the land, consider the goals of the developer and plan the land use to meet these needs as well as possible. For example, they may help a condo builder fit more units on the property for greater use of space and increased profit.

What is the difference between a city planner and a land planner in Muscogee County, GA?

A city planner oversees regulations. They typically do not complete the design work. A land planner creates their design and submits it to the city planner for approval and recommendations.

Are there different types of land planners?

Yes. Engineering land planners focus on the site in question. Architectural land planners focus on the structures that will go on the site. Engineers are more concerned with grading and drainage issues, while architects prioritize architectural strengths. The best land planning incorporates both sides of this equation, to develop the land in a healthy way.

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