Moon Meeks and our SAMSOG Connection

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SAMSOG (The Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia) traces its beginning to1947, when the Georgia Institute of Technology sponsored the Georgia civil engineers’ seminar. At that time the civil engineers invited the surveyors to the seminar as their guests. Over the years the organization has worked with the legislature to pass numerous bills and in doing so has advanced the surveying profession. SAMSOG’s educational participation and contributions have been many. About twenty years ago SAMSOG developed a surveyor’s handbook. The six chapters were: State Statutes and Regulation, SAMSOG and ACSM Regulations, Standards, Legal Aspects of Surveying, Field and Office Guidelines, and Miscellaneous. Since then there have been many law changes, tremendous changes and improvements in field and office equipment, in technical developments such as GIS, GPS, and HARN, and aerial photo improvements. SAMSOG was an active element in the High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) in Georgia.

Moon, Meeks, Mason & Vinson’s connection.

Our firm has been a member with SAMSOG for numerous years and early in 2017 helped charter a local chapter. One of the first items of business was to elect a President and Jeff Keefe, RLS and partner with our firm was elected the Muscogee Chapter’s inaugural President.

Quality Staff

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